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Poser Security Guard

January 31, 2007


Maine Vacation Rental

January 31, 2007

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If you were stingy with your penny in your pocket, every detail will be taken into account when you choose a package. Definitely a vacation will never come across your mind. Getting a direct contact with the place owner is not impossible anymore with Maine vacation rentals. This site provides the information that I need when I am planning for a vacation. There are a wide range of choice gives a great helping hand to me on deciding the best place out of all

Maine vacation rentals also gives me the confidence and trust that I am not paying a penny more than you have to. By getting the place directly from the owner, the cost can be brought down to scale that a normal vacation can’t give.

Here at Maine vacation rentals, rental properties such as beach house, home rentals and cabin rentals are easy to find. Moreover the Maine vacation rentals has its network expanded over the United Stated and beyond which make holiday planning hassle free. The user friendly and dedicated service, vacation rentals can be made possible beyond the United States but also in the Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and Asia.

In all 50 states in United States, user can find beach and cabin rental and yet Maine vacation rentals is doing its best to make it easy for vacation planners to make the selection of vacation home by providing the information on the destination that the users desired. With some background knowledge provided with the features and the general facilities available at the planned destination could help us to decide to proceed or to abandon the plan.

Users of Maine vacation rentals can choose to have a quiet holiday away from civilization which is surrounded by the nature or to be in suburban where facilities and technology are within reach. Vacation Home Rentals do accept Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check as the mode of payment.

A day out Post…

January 31, 2007

To those who likes shopping spend money in a lavish way, Gurney Plaza is perhaps the best place to make your money flow like waterfall. I am definitely not going to make use this opportunity as I only shop once in a while. Going to shopping center is just to get the feel of the air conditioning system that 10X stronger than what i currently have at home, A fan….

After walking for more than half a day, leg pain is unavoidable therefore I found this free leg massaging system by OSIM…. then sit there for free la for 5 minutes like that.. But still a masseur hand still have the inevitable feel compared to this machine..

Here is the machine in operation and we can hear people screaming if their leg is too delicate…
For me as a person who grew up playing mud and going to Palm Oil estate as frequent as i go to school.. this is all Peanuts… hehheehheeh..

Take a break….. Other meaning is to stop, try and spend…
Baskin Robbins interiors as we have a free coupon to dine in. Buy 1 free 1.. something like that la..

F.Y.I, before I come here, I was visiting the company which I am working starting tomorrow. Forget to take picture.. Can find out here la..Radcure Coatings Malaysia

This is definitely a CHINAMAN company as they works on public holiday as well…

Easy Loan For Education?

January 31, 2007

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Juggling in studies is enough to make me have a hard time in studies. Having to think where to dig money to finance my education becomes another disturbing issue. Later I found out Payday Loan Online. Payday Cash Advance Loans provides loans to students in cash advance. After providing the money needed it has an attractive payback scheme which only required you to start paying back after 6 months upon graduation. This is a fantastic opportunity and it’s time to get out of the financial constrain you are having and apply for Payday Cash Advance Loans.

The last day to..

January 31, 2007

Today is the last day to

  1. Wake up Late
  2. Sleep like a pig
  3. Eat at anytime I want
  4. Watch movie in VCD..
  5. Drink Coke as no more supplies
  6. Use less money.. Petrol to Prai will cost be a bomb thou is is just a KapChai
  7. Take afternoon nap
  8. Sleep early
  9. BLog at anytime I want
  10. Delay things whenever I want..

Holiday for me is over now… Not too excited to go for training..


January 30, 2007

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Encyclopedia is a source where information can be obtained easily. Recently I have found another information source from Encyclocentral. It is a compilation of different sources encyclopedia and the simple explanations make it to be easily understood. I have tried to find the terms Dentist and the result turns to be superb. With a limited knowledge regarding what a Dentist does in details, the simplification make me easier grasp the concept of it.

Honda Cup.. The Bike that Brings me everywhere…

January 30, 2007
I don’t know how many of you out there can ride a motorbike. Even you know how to ride it depends how often and where you are riding it. It definitely do not matter what is your ride as a dispatch boy can be a more rugged rider that rocks more than you ever think of.

In my case, i definitely have a motorbike and here I am going to tell how I manage my ride and where do I ride to. A little bit of history. This is a second hand bike that i bought from my relatives. Not the close one la. It was 4.5 years old on Sept 2002. I remember that date as it is just after my cousin brother passes away when i got the bike.. Not to celebrate his passing but I that time only get the money from my dad to pay my so call uncle.

From that time onwards the bike has made some milestones and listed below are a few that i remember


  • From Ipoh – Sungkai – Ipoh weekly 84 km
  • Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur 200km
  • Sungkai to Tg Malim 45 km


  • Ipoh-KL-Ipoh 200km
  • KL – Nilai – KL 70 km (Weekly)
  • Nilai- KLIA- Nilai (working there) 30km (Daily)
  • Nilai-Tembangau-Nilai 145km Only once

2005 – 2006

  • Sungkai – Sungai Petani 290 km — registration day…
  • Sungai Petani – Penang – Sungai Petani 160 km


  • Sungai Petani – Winchem- Sungai Petani 110 km Starting 1/2/2007 DAILY…..
Blogging this not for me to boast that I am so macho to achieve all this.. Since the petrol price rises like no grandmother story, perhaps this is the way to keep my pocket thick and my stomach full in the same time.

You need referral for the statement above can kindly click on the person below

  1. Sin Ling
  2. Yen Chiew
  3. RayChin

The feeling of riding so far sometime make me cant feel my buttock when i get down from the bike.. dunno OSIM got anything to massage that part ar…

Dialaflight for Flight to New Zealand

January 30, 2007

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Drug Addict Gets Fooled By Technology

January 29, 2007
I personally think that this technology shall be implemented in the night spot in Malaysia…Perhaps it can cut down the dependency of the local people towards this devastating drugs… It is also the time to tell the youngsters to stop wasting their papa and mama money….

Funny Videos

January 29, 2007

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