BUdget… For Student means Pocket MONEY

Talking about this issue, it is kinda sensitive and sometimes annoying to know and to hear that there are so many differences in term of the pocket money given as and luxuriantly that a brat can enjoy from it.
In my case, from what i observe and what I see is, totally different from what i know.. To the extent where, I got cheated and fooled by their appearance which seems to be the poorest human kinda in the entire world. GOsh..
There is a fren of mine who looks like she goe no money like that, eventually her pocket money is almost double mine… this intelligence information was sources accidentally during our conversation in Kopitiam Central Square, Sg Petani.

To this extent, of her gratitute towards the damage she caused to the society and community of the city, her humilation which do not have a barrier as she stores some man made cake in her mouth, bull shitting as there are cow dung spilling from her mouth each time she utter and here i will stress a few point that governs therefore support my statement i made ;

In a uni life u need a printer, therefore its very common to share the cost of a printer if you cant afford 1. She let her cousin buy the printer and she use it without any guilty feeling.. Reason she don have any cow dung in her wallet

Internet access is essential thought the connection speed is like dog and cat shitting. Or you can wait for an infant to stop shitting before the page gets loaded, but still, the information is more valuable. Here the difference are

>> For scholars, internet is used to do assignment like what I am doing now a part from typing blogs.
>>For arseholes, they use it to chat with anonymous god creature which eventually able to make their panties to wet excessively. They like the feeling therefore, in the end of the week, their undies pilled up more than their blouses.. Isn’t it great.

So in order to use free again, the reason when she is asked to forked money is, I don have any cow dung in my wallet. There she escaped again and when the connection is ready, Hooray… here I come horny bastards… I will make you cum and you please make my panty wet…

Above are the 2 example of what happen to the people around me… The character name is being altered to avoid me from going up and down court… By the way, all above are just fictions.


One Response to “BUdget… For Student means Pocket MONEY”

  1. yenchiew Says:

    some people are meant to be pain in the asses occasionally la..

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