My Previous Room in 4/5

Studyin in AIMST has recently end me up in the havoc where there are some false news as well as gossips circulation around the campus saying that I did something that normal people will not do and me commiting some crime that most people do not believe..Since it is almost coming to the end and me here today at least able to blog with some peace.. I would like to introduce my room here in my blog. basically it is just a small room, 10 X 12 Ft in dimension.. so u guy will at least have some idea on how big is my room then.. As a student there are some furniture which are compulsory in the room such as study desk, computer, bed and etc. Well here are some pictures which will give a rough impression on how is the layout of my room.

My Queen Size Bed For A Single Person Use… Big N Spacious…Need not worry as have ample space for me to roll…

The place where I hang my ‘BMW’ key.. U want U come and get it..then u drive it..then sure U wil get urself out of it.

the place where the leader of the future work…self designed layout and furnished by just rubber wood make a perfect space under RM 100 of budget.

The desktop Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz, 768 of RAM 128 ATi Radeon Samsung Sync MAster 793DF Creative Sound System, Jetway Mainboard, CD-RW, Logitech keyboard, and many more… old technology yet its ok la for student..

For those who read this, I have no intention to publisize by room as there are nothin to be proud of. There are greater room out there and to compare with my room it is just a super ordinary room. Before i blog this I thought of writing about those who love to play an INternet based game, Neopet… The details and materials of the game is all ready and the images of a noepet player is also been captured in a camera phone just that…. the biggest mistake that i made is that.. I forgot that the owner of the camera phone is a Neopet fanatic.. therefore all the images is being captured and destroyed to protect their identity as a Neopet player…. to my surprise that she is now studyin in University and yet she is still playing those pet.. No offence just i felt weird…bubbyeee


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