My Daihatsu Charade….

The car.. my car and a car means the car which I own and the car that brings me around the place here in Sungai Petani Kedah a state of Malaysia.. Damn.. all bout car and many of my friends says they can associate me with CARS.. and yet I still cant find the reason why I like car so much..and even my gf says that car has been more important than her..yet the car that i have is merely a small and tiny car.. the car that consumes RM 0.13 per kilometers.. running about in only 1000cc that operates in 4 variable transmission.. No need to say also u knw that is a old car la BUT there is always an exception.. this is the car that I bought with my own money no doubt there are some which i borrowed.. thank ya..

Some pictures of my car the DAihatsu CHarade.. of cos old one la. There are some make up terms of the exterior of the car and there aren’t much done as money is one of the reason

Side view of my car…

The initial look of the car… when it first reach home on March 10th, 2006

After a few times of polishing and numerous times of cleaning of course…

From greasy to become not so greasy takes me days to clear the dirt on my hand. This engine is damn lucky act.. I did more work brushing it than I myself brush my teeth..

The engine c0mpartment which drives the car away from the hectic city.

Side view of the car, my Charade…

Althou the car may look old fm outside but the reader may be as old as this car as well so.. there are nothin which can last forever.. A new thing will somehow get old by day..the car will grew older by day so do I..and this is one of the reason on why I appreaciate this car very much.. and one more thing, my father do not knw that I bought this car as I think when he knw my head will be on the floor already la.. so if u wanna tell my father pls go ahead.. i am pretty sure you won able to get him even me as his son also i seldom see him.. Ppl cari makan busy ma.. so as an understandng son I understand la or have to pretend understand la


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