Stupid AIMST Cafeteria

A decent breakfast will ensure the good mood of the rest of the day. Therefore, what if the breakfast is being ruined by those who are so stupid where by they simply increase the charges of the drink unnecessarily. This is so damn stupid and the cashier i don think he even have his secondary finished. The fark up situation begins when I was ordering my favourite Nescafe and the previous charges was RM 1.00 but today there is an increase of RM 0.20. Wat the hell, they try to play government in the Medical School It seems, simply hike the damn price to almost 20%. Of coursse I don wanna argue and I purposely give him RM 1.00 which is suppose and I normally pay. He was asking for another RM 0.20 but I said I don have. I only have RM 10.00 and if that you want you have to give me back Rm 9.80. He was making noise and luckily my Finance Lecturer was behind me and he gave me a look and the cashier freaks, perhaps He almost shit in his pants who knows. There goes a day for me…. Later got 3.30pm class, Polymer and I was wondering how many of us will be fishing this time.


One Response to “Stupid AIMST Cafeteria”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Today didnt get to eat breakfast coz yoke shes late, then no class afterward, so dont know so many thing happen in the cafeteria…so you pay rm 1.00 or rm1.20?

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