Midnite Post

Tomorrow is the Birthday of my fellow junior as well as my subordinate in TEC as one of the Assistant Business Development Head in the club.. Went to this place called Central Square and get a not so cheap yet not expensive bracelet for her..Only Rm 30.00 shared with I think almost 10 fella.. Damn Kiam Siap man.. wat to do all also wanna eat free and pay little.. Is like tat one la Malaysian style, cant help much la. The headed straight to this place called Sungai Jagong, Corn River in English to get a booking for a badminton court, but the damn hall was fully booked on Friday nite causing me to waste some bucks to call my fellow playmates to confirm on the next day which is on the Saturday Game.
So confirm already the Saturday afternoon we will all go and smash the shuttlecock 45 degress down and fast to the ground.. this is wat i enjoy most when I am playing badminton. THe sensation of smashing is better than anything in the world man.. hahahahhaa….. Now sitting in front of my com doing the damn assignment and browsing for more information… KIK man…

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