Its only Tuesday

Well. today i have my Surface Chemistry Paper, not to say tough till i can’s answer but it can be considered as a tough paper also la.. Studies till 3 am burning the stupid midnight oil make me smarter at least in certain aspects, which is I am able to answer most of the question by flung 1 question la.. dunno how to do then how to do la.
Tomorrow we will have a lab which eventually will be turned into a class as the lecturer can finish the syllabus. Finals is coming and therefore, now it self need to study already.. Being a Uni student is not tat fun, reach home already tired and wish there are some machine which can make me feel better in the sense i don have to rely on ppl on massage..yeah… chow


One Response to “Its only Tuesday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you can buy a massage machine anytime anywhere, or can ask your friends to help you massage then you might feel better…

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