Organic Chemistry SCMM 32108

To start with all the might of the day that was given to me, Monday can be said is the worst of all. Messing up with Monday will lead to a pretty messed week as well.damnnnn

Well there are a few factor governing the all mighty Monday..

First of all, the first lesson and class I have on Monday is the Organic Chemistry lab and followed by the Polymeric material Class. This was added to the point of after this 2 killing class which was taught by the god sent from heaven, Surface Chemistry appears with a China ancient Style of teaching and learning system embedded in the teaching and learning environment.

On Organic Chemistry Lab, as the idiom goes, you mess with me, you get the FUCK. Hitler is then present in the laboratory environment and therefore there is no active and only passive learning taking place. We are not allowed to practice and demonstrate our lab skill and this really pissed me off. Where the hell in this world that we can have hands on experience through the experiment other than in the lab and we are being restricted from doing so..TULAN and TIULAN in the same time. There are too much of safety precaution in the lab till the scientific officer of ours can’t event wear a proper lab coat to protect her breast and her hand from being acidulated. The HCL should be prepared in a dry environment BUT this smart dumbass will ask us to wipe the fume hood desk with an alkaline rag and assume that the desk is cleaned. When the surface is being tested with the blue litmus paper, it turned pink, so what is all this.

When the glove is exposed to acid, I went and get a extra glove to protect my lovely hand which I think is smother than any one of their faces and seeing that, and listening to their advice to follow the safety guidelines in the lab, I was asked why I take the glove and they ask me to use back the same glove as to them the acid is not dangerous. Ask glove also have to see and count how many moles on their face. Dun no la what the hell they actually want from us.


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