Test Damn Test.. Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is a subject that gives a true hell out of me. Damn, Lack of sleep felt fuck up and miserable in the same time, pieces of fragment in my brain will never be resting and harmonizing with each other as its either gets displaced or dispersed through a wide surface area of my thinking tank. Feeling for the human nature is the only one that keeps me alive till today, the day that I wrote this damn thing, the nature of the of fearing in offending people make me look weak outside but the one who knew me deep inside will realize my inner strength. It seems hard to understand the people around you as they may just kiss your ass and ask you to vanish from their life. Things happen, human birth and incarnation, get laid or being laid, you haunt or being haunt, all is a twin effect that governs our life in this universe. Basically, we all cant run away from the fear, trouble and the feeling of sick being a human in the same time having to be grateful as we are being borned as a human being and not as an insects nor beast.


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