Small Talk Big Ambition

There are time when u wanted to talk to people whom really understand you that can see thru what is going on in u and in your mind. This person is the people who can enlighten you and in the same time give you the spirit to live on and not to give up in life. Not being trusting after a drawback in a relationship may cause the person to lose faith in someone and therefore making the relationship, love life and the joy of the marriage to become hell, possibility to jeopardize own safety and life become greater and therefore we can see there are many suicide cases in Malaysia where victim are teenagers.

Life has always encounter ups and downs… Its base on how you wanted to make it into a meaningful yet a cheerful one. Life is short and therefore we must always cherish all the moment that we could with the one we can. Finding someone who can really be a part of u, can make life blossom into thousands roses. Being with someone you do not love will just make the relationship between the two to become worst…

I myself wanted a happy family life and a great bachelor life as well… Not having one of your parents around seems to make the life of yourself become not organized and the sense of belonging to home deteriorated. Home is just another sleeping place for me and… with friend is where I see myself laughing. This makes me very envy with the family life that other able to have not me myself not having it… It’s a sad fact to hear is not that you do not want to be home but you just can’t.

Me myself grew up in a small town in southern Perak, the place is rather quiet and there are many good people arouMy childhood life is the most meaningful one for me out of so many. Time flies and really flies and now I am a grown up person and when I go back to the place where I used to go when I am a kid, thou the place remains the same but there aren’t any of the atmosphere surrounding the place anymore. People are not as sentimental as I as I do and I admit that I am sometime make it too personal till there are times where I refused to leave the place. Time can be reverse and we have to really treasure time. This is the lesson I learn when I make a trip back last week. nd. People are kepoh there but the sense of belonging to the place is always I their heart. We have millionaires, Top Corporate leader and even minister originated here came back after their retirement and make a fresh start of what they left behind after so many years. The smell of the place is so unique that for those who grew up in the place will always wanted to come back and at least stay.


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