Semiconductor Packaging

Monday November 6, 2006

Semiconductor packaging subject is a subject which requires you to think and to imagine things that are beyond our naked eyes yet there are some limitation whereby hard wok may pays all back in a great lump sum. I went to pass up my Research Project to my Associate Professor outta my kind I informed the rest that tomorrow is the extended dateline for the assignment. Thank god as there are some more time for me to do and alter if there are any kind or form of corrections that need amendments. In the same time in the afternoon I was to told that there are some agenda behind the post of the TEC President that was being given to me and the objective of this guy, DICK is to see me fail in organizing some beneficial stuff for the club and yet there are many thing which are in the hand of me as I am just waiting for the right time to execute and get it all done over with. To my shock a President wanted to see his successor fails and there are not many other things in this world that he wanted to do and all he wants is to see me fail.

Ts ok and I took it as courage for me to perform better and comparing to the past I think the club standing nowadays is kind of strong and people start to notice that we existed. Thanks to my leadership and not to forget my strong supporters which are my committee who always backed me up in case I am facing shit from the people. Tomorrow will be the next meeting for the club and there are many new projects coming out.


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