The day to be United…

The first thing in the morning…having class at 0830 in the morning for the consecutive 4 days in a week and sleeping 3-4 am the morning before make my tendency to curse vocally become higher… Damn… Can’t imagine if I yelled at someone in the morning and shut their wat ever holes that concerns me so I don hear those annoying sound coming out from their body voids.
Well to comment on the highlights today..@ event took place and to be recorded in Satay Book of Record.. The list will be out very very soon and some and whoever who are concern may find it damaging their DAMAGED reputation, but its ok.. they will be used to it.

Malaysia Driver make the best driver in the world by embracing these 3 main pinciples;
1. When u see red light…u shud stop and the other way happen…

see how is it chronologically linked..

Mr Ray see the green light… Malaysian style, happy go lucky.. no need to rush…
Suddenly the sky turn dark, and the traffic light turn yellow… Oh shit… ( Yellow is the colour of healthy shit also k )
Mr Ray start to accelerate and there it goes man…
When the light turn to RED, he slammed his car pedal and ya… he will go all the way… to where? Mission IMPossible is sometimes possible it seems.. The new style of driving..

And in this world, there are some assholes which we call BABI means pig in Malay. There is one of my Junior which think that he knows everything in this world and the is the cutest guy in the whole damn uni… For me hw look nt more than in HIPPO.. TmNet Blue HYppo also better la. This guy make the whole damn world get annoyed and i rather want him to vanish from my sight and I don wish to see him actually.. this is real stupid man..

The Student Council Meeting is the most boring and idiotic meeting that I had ever attended.. That seems nothing concerns me in the meeting at all and it is all about the affairs that is going on in the University..don really wanna care also eventhough it may bring some positive implication to the upbringing of me in the University life.. Life is always so troublesome… It seem huh…


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