Another week another day

tomorrow will be another day with another hectic schedule. First thing in the morning.. dunno my ass will get screwed by the just 3 months wedded Scientific Officer and the small tiny breast and but Malay SO..tiuliama..
in each of every experiment, their stupidity has got the blame on us just to save their ass and sacrifice out butt… As if our but is bigger than their to be spared for punishments.. All thing that happen in the lab has become a tradition whereby all the laboratory practitioner will have their ass slaughtered as a pre requisite to pass the paper..
today I did soundproof my car using some anlene towels and guess wat the damn thing works perfectly man.. no need the damn dynamat that will cost me a bomb.. well the bass from my speaker seems deeper and for those who loves music.. using a towel to dampen noise can be considered..
nite all
tomoro is a fucking long day.. need some rest nw..


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