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Organic Chemistry SCMM 32108

November 29, 2006

To start with all the might of the day that was given to me, Monday can be said is the worst of all. Messing up with Monday will lead to a pretty messed week as well.damnnnn

Well there are a few factor governing the all mighty Monday..

First of all, the first lesson and class I have on Monday is the Organic Chemistry lab and followed by the Polymeric material Class. This was added to the point of after this 2 killing class which was taught by the god sent from heaven, Surface Chemistry appears with a China ancient Style of teaching and learning system embedded in the teaching and learning environment.

On Organic Chemistry Lab, as the idiom goes, you mess with me, you get the FUCK. Hitler is then present in the laboratory environment and therefore there is no active and only passive learning taking place. We are not allowed to practice and demonstrate our lab skill and this really pissed me off. Where the hell in this world that we can have hands on experience through the experiment other than in the lab and we are being restricted from doing so..TULAN and TIULAN in the same time. There are too much of safety precaution in the lab till the scientific officer of ours can’t event wear a proper lab coat to protect her breast and her hand from being acidulated. The HCL should be prepared in a dry environment BUT this smart dumbass will ask us to wipe the fume hood desk with an alkaline rag and assume that the desk is cleaned. When the surface is being tested with the blue litmus paper, it turned pink, so what is all this.

When the glove is exposed to acid, I went and get a extra glove to protect my lovely hand which I think is smother than any one of their faces and seeing that, and listening to their advice to follow the safety guidelines in the lab, I was asked why I take the glove and they ask me to use back the same glove as to them the acid is not dangerous. Ask glove also have to see and count how many moles on their face. Dun no la what the hell they actually want from us.


Test Damn Test.. Organic Chemistry

November 26, 2006

Organic Chemistry is a subject that gives a true hell out of me. Damn, Lack of sleep felt fuck up and miserable in the same time, pieces of fragment in my brain will never be resting and harmonizing with each other as its either gets displaced or dispersed through a wide surface area of my thinking tank. Feeling for the human nature is the only one that keeps me alive till today, the day that I wrote this damn thing, the nature of the of fearing in offending people make me look weak outside but the one who knew me deep inside will realize my inner strength. It seems hard to understand the people around you as they may just kiss your ass and ask you to vanish from their life. Things happen, human birth and incarnation, get laid or being laid, you haunt or being haunt, all is a twin effect that governs our life in this universe. Basically, we all cant run away from the fear, trouble and the feeling of sick being a human in the same time having to be grateful as we are being borned as a human being and not as an insects nor beast.

Semiconductor Packaging

November 26, 2006

Monday November 6, 2006

Semiconductor packaging subject is a subject which requires you to think and to imagine things that are beyond our naked eyes yet there are some limitation whereby hard wok may pays all back in a great lump sum. I went to pass up my Research Project to my Associate Professor outta my kind I informed the rest that tomorrow is the extended dateline for the assignment. Thank god as there are some more time for me to do and alter if there are any kind or form of corrections that need amendments. In the same time in the afternoon I was to told that there are some agenda behind the post of the TEC President that was being given to me and the objective of this guy, DICK is to see me fail in organizing some beneficial stuff for the club and yet there are many thing which are in the hand of me as I am just waiting for the right time to execute and get it all done over with. To my shock a President wanted to see his successor fails and there are not many other things in this world that he wanted to do and all he wants is to see me fail.

Ts ok and I took it as courage for me to perform better and comparing to the past I think the club standing nowadays is kind of strong and people start to notice that we existed. Thanks to my leadership and not to forget my strong supporters which are my committee who always backed me up in case I am facing shit from the people. Tomorrow will be the next meeting for the club and there are many new projects coming out.

Small Talk Big Ambition

November 26, 2006

There are time when u wanted to talk to people whom really understand you that can see thru what is going on in u and in your mind. This person is the people who can enlighten you and in the same time give you the spirit to live on and not to give up in life. Not being trusting after a drawback in a relationship may cause the person to lose faith in someone and therefore making the relationship, love life and the joy of the marriage to become hell, possibility to jeopardize own safety and life become greater and therefore we can see there are many suicide cases in Malaysia where victim are teenagers.

Life has always encounter ups and downs… Its base on how you wanted to make it into a meaningful yet a cheerful one. Life is short and therefore we must always cherish all the moment that we could with the one we can. Finding someone who can really be a part of u, can make life blossom into thousands roses. Being with someone you do not love will just make the relationship between the two to become worst…

I myself wanted a happy family life and a great bachelor life as well… Not having one of your parents around seems to make the life of yourself become not organized and the sense of belonging to home deteriorated. Home is just another sleeping place for me and… with friend is where I see myself laughing. This makes me very envy with the family life that other able to have not me myself not having it… It’s a sad fact to hear is not that you do not want to be home but you just can’t.

Me myself grew up in a small town in southern Perak, the place is rather quiet and there are many good people arouMy childhood life is the most meaningful one for me out of so many. Time flies and really flies and now I am a grown up person and when I go back to the place where I used to go when I am a kid, thou the place remains the same but there aren’t any of the atmosphere surrounding the place anymore. People are not as sentimental as I as I do and I admit that I am sometime make it too personal till there are times where I refused to leave the place. Time can be reverse and we have to really treasure time. This is the lesson I learn when I make a trip back last week. nd. People are kepoh there but the sense of belonging to the place is always I their heart. We have millionaires, Top Corporate leader and even minister originated here came back after their retirement and make a fresh start of what they left behind after so many years. The smell of the place is so unique that for those who grew up in the place will always wanted to come back and at least stay.

The day to be United…

November 14, 2006
The first thing in the morning…having class at 0830 in the morning for the consecutive 4 days in a week and sleeping 3-4 am the morning before make my tendency to curse vocally become higher… Damn… Can’t imagine if I yelled at someone in the morning and shut their wat ever holes that concerns me so I don hear those annoying sound coming out from their body voids.
Well to comment on the highlights today..@ event took place and to be recorded in Satay Book of Record.. The list will be out very very soon and some and whoever who are concern may find it damaging their DAMAGED reputation, but its ok.. they will be used to it.

Malaysia Driver make the best driver in the world by embracing these 3 main pinciples;
1. When u see red light…u shud stop and the other way happen…

see how is it chronologically linked..

Mr Ray see the green light… Malaysian style, happy go lucky.. no need to rush…
Suddenly the sky turn dark, and the traffic light turn yellow… Oh shit… ( Yellow is the colour of healthy shit also k )
Mr Ray start to accelerate and there it goes man…
When the light turn to RED, he slammed his car pedal and ya… he will go all the way… to where? Mission IMPossible is sometimes possible it seems.. The new style of driving..

And in this world, there are some assholes which we call BABI means pig in Malay. There is one of my Junior which think that he knows everything in this world and the is the cutest guy in the whole damn uni… For me hw look nt more than in HIPPO.. TmNet Blue HYppo also better la. This guy make the whole damn world get annoyed and i rather want him to vanish from my sight and I don wish to see him actually.. this is real stupid man..

The Student Council Meeting is the most boring and idiotic meeting that I had ever attended.. That seems nothing concerns me in the meeting at all and it is all about the affairs that is going on in the University..don really wanna care also eventhough it may bring some positive implication to the upbringing of me in the University life.. Life is always so troublesome… It seem huh…

Another week another day

November 12, 2006

tomorrow will be another day with another hectic schedule. First thing in the morning.. dunno my ass will get screwed by the just 3 months wedded Scientific Officer and the small tiny breast and but Malay SO..tiuliama..
in each of every experiment, their stupidity has got the blame on us just to save their ass and sacrifice out butt… As if our but is bigger than their to be spared for punishments.. All thing that happen in the lab has become a tradition whereby all the laboratory practitioner will have their ass slaughtered as a pre requisite to pass the paper..
today I did soundproof my car using some anlene towels and guess wat the damn thing works perfectly man.. no need the damn dynamat that will cost me a bomb.. well the bass from my speaker seems deeper and for those who loves music.. using a towel to dampen noise can be considered..
nite all
tomoro is a fucking long day.. need some rest nw..