Exam stress symptom..tom..tom..tom..

Ok cut all the crap here.. when comes to exam means alot to human beings A.k.a. homo sapians…. U see here gt ppl jump fm gahmen flat as they cannot tahan as exam make them “high” so no need pills also they can “kauTim” and let the Malaysia Version CSI which consists of Islamic converted Grilled Grissom, Sara Sadly and Katarak pillow to come and examine their fresh corpse loater TaPao and take them back to htier lab before being slaughtered by the Forensics…
tats the gila version of the story.. the real one happen in one of the most not so prestigious Uni in Kedah then.. rice plate of Malaysia.. this is wat i call freak the freak as exam u all shud concentrate on exam nt sending BIG sohai mss to ur fren and make them be one of the SOHAI and Tai Lan Ngong also…
this is hw it goes and on a fine evening out of sudden…in a sms content..

lantou:Hi there, hw ur exam.. makan de or nt la.. stdy hw la…ok ar… good luck ohh. ohhh..ohh.ohhh.
sms sent to the number 017 2xx xxxx to chibye

chibye:wei ok la here.. u memang tak boleh dipakai. orang exam here don kacau la.. sejak mula I kenal U tak ubah ubah…

then lantau get too high then he call chibye and of cos.. KEna tiu la wat else

lantau:wei chibye u bapak tarak ajar u pend moral ka.. sms itu macam srupa chbye lubang ternganga la..

chibye:wei don tok tok tok like tat la… my father din teach me but my grand mother gt teach

lantau:teach wat..

chibye: mygranny say..must fight back when kena attack

lantau:ohh like tat la.. ppl ask u hw are u this and tat then u say i curse u la u memang betul2 cibai pu ya orang la

chibye:No la u normally tok like very the4 vulgar so tak biasa la when u tok so nice.. tat y i tot u wanna atack ma..

lantou:&^%!#@$#%@$%^@#^#%@^^!@..Niasing la u ini…bodoh btui la..

chibye:wei sorry la.. i tot u wanna kacau me ma.. wei u eat de or nt nw 8.30 haven eat wholde day la

lantau:haven eat la..u go die la..i tell u wat.. u can get food no need money but u can make urself one la

chibye:yeahhhhh can get ftree food u blanja izit la

lantou:Nola i tell u u go ur toilet then out ur hand inside the toilet bowl and extract some shit out and eat tat for ur diner la. free of charge and u can recycle by eatng over and over again la

chibye:U memang tak boleh dipakai

lantau:I cannot pakai but i can pakai orang wat.. u think who wanna pakai u la..gt ppl pakai u tell me la i tell tat fella u eat shit for ur dinner one then gt become don have de..


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