House Deposit

Tell u all won belif onela…
Once apon a time. there is a gal . called Elephant Kai (EK) she nt happy stay in a hse in a place called BLM.. Diu u don like nt my problem ma.. reason she give she don like to stay in the hse is tat her BIG ass feels itchy everytime she sat infornt of her outdated AMD Processor PC and have sex chat with the illegal imigrants fm INdonesia as well as her own race fm INDIA. Liamakai… sure la gatal sex chat ma sure the chibye down there wet one and this definately invite fungus to come and inhibit lo.. dunno gt scratch or nt la..simple as tat dunno study wat biotech.. then this BIG fat ass don have the BOOBS when comes to she go back to KL to call a bigger elephant (BE)to come and protect her… in the same time the bigger elephant bring a bigger condoms, few dozensof durex to protect her fm being spermed.. and ehr goes the conversation

Me: Hi auntie
BE:return my hse deposit else I call ur parent and report to universty
EK:return my deposits if nt I !@#$#$#@#$$%%^%^
Me:u wan a return then get a hsemater then we return la..
BE : Whre can, because of u my daughter canot study she always sex chat with BAngla and see without protection she is nw 6 month de..
EK:Ya 6 mth de la.. wat to do dunno who is the father also.
Me.Excuse me.. wt 6 month.. don lie la.. my mother last time pregnant 8 month also nt this big but bigger la.
EK: 6 month de la mama, mama, mama,I wan my deposit ma.. ma… ma…
Me: Ma ma ma tiu liama chibye la.
Go all Ham kaling TFK and tiu kai at golok la
BE:dey dey don be so vulgar k.. i report polis say u thi s u that onli u knw..
me: auuntie and cibai… lancua u la.. u punya anak sejak saya kenal perut macam 9 bulan
hampir mau pecah.. skrg 6 bulan ok la and the sex chat she want is herslf wat.. she gt urge also. here who wants to be her BF for few reasons
1. her BO kau kau nyamuk can die also
2.dring intercourse..diu who also dunno whre is the lubang also dunno and ppl wanna live longer as they don wanna crushed to death
3. she can sweet talk in the internet only when she open her mouth in real time.. al the germs fl out even listerine also feel sorry for her.
4.Ppl knw u re here so ppl whre gt dare to come and see her la.. u look like tigeress like tat and I wonder hw ur husband Bang u till u both give irth to this kinda creature…accident case ka.
5.i dunno wt to say de la then u ask ppl come kill menad polis tangkap..very sked sked ohh.

EK:then hse deposit hw la..
Me:Chibye canot un ka.. no deposit for u deposit some shit for u then..u wan come collect in the toilet la
and for the mother…elephant dunnonhw to talk so teach her hw to talk and pls don come and do anything here as…i don wan this hse to smell like shit man

suddenly…. BE dropped on the floor.. she fainted and i can smell something ammonic.. shit she shit in her pants …. later on i called Indah Water to come and clean up the mess and call the police to take her off for intrusion..

this kinda person who wana live with la and the elephant is migrating again in the same forest but different places…


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