Electrochemistry is Over

electrochem.. yeah we can say farewell to it after so much of torture… Well this ended also with the lecturer Dr Kang leaving the student and the staff in a quiet way and rom wat i heard is that she is leaving for a higher paid job and of course there is fear over the shortage of student in the University. Well if there are shortagenof student in the Uni then the lecturer of course scared la. But here then in the Materials Technology programme which is one of the pioneer degree of this kind in the country, being not able to establish to a prestige level shall bring the Universty a shame as being the first, all the priorities are given tothen and yet the booming one these days are the Biotechnology degree programme.
Well then my fren has just lost hr uncle and yet we seems to lost her also as from wat i can see is that we are like her enemy already and if is nt the fovour i gave her by liftng her i don think i can even get a
chance to talk to her, this bad huh.

Well i do lost my mother also 3 years ago and that was even more sudden. Well life have to go on and there is no point thinking of itover and over again..We manage to get thru the difficult period thou i screw my STPM and ended up me here.Farewell to my mother

Madam Yong Ah Thai ( Dec 1, 1955 – Feb 13, 2003).


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