Bandar Lagune Merbok Current Staying Place

Bandar Laguna Merbok.. at first hear also haven hear.. dunno where the hell is tat but in the same time no choice as this is the only acccomodation site recommended by the University of UNcle SAM for me to stay.. so where I am staying currently..
Stupid… BLM la doi..

So this place is act near Sungai Merbok.. can see the bloody green Gunung Jerai la so Chinese say “yau san yau sui” gt hill gt water means some kinda prosperous business goin on it seems..

thehse tat i am stayin in is something like this….BUt of course this is the showhouse I curi from the website la just to show u all.. seeing is believeing ma.. correct or nt la.. U tell me la…. u don see u don belif so wat the hell u wan… I have to curi to satify u all … DIU…

Got time can comeswin here also la.. remember don pie inside.. else ur generation will drinkk back ur pie also. Swimming pool water 100 years also never change wan la Example ACS one la.. put chlorine only lo.. KIll germs ma..
You see la so many germs u think can clear ar… I luckily come back okok as my immune system 5 star one la those 3 star 2 star and no star one then can come back and contribute the mass of their stomach in the toilet bowl. leaving u in hunger without appetite and in the same time the toilet bowl will be fed till it vomits…. too much of shit ma.. if liketat also cannot understand then our malaysia education system is a success as it does nt produce craps…

Club house for

the husband and wife— to get away from the house hanky panky business
the couples to come here and so call have their romantic dinner facng th urinated pool
boss and secretary to come and get their affair over and done with
and many more.. u come u se urself la.. i tok so much then the Paramount boss come sue me i kena tangkap enter their ISA..

Well that all and so far i think my hse stiill the best la.. U knw la since the fat bitch out fm the hse the atmosphere of the hse is so harmonious and prosperous…without her in BLM the whole area will be less poluted by her self made Estee Lauder armpit smell that can mek the whole room suffocate… u knw la worst that farting punya case la

till then i see u later.. wanna sleep la.. u read la
don enjoy then don read…
nt and non of my business ma


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