DAmn another long day for me today… rushing the thing up and down and have to catchup with the bloody operation management paper also. Exam ma.. all come in the same time…There is a proposal to get a Camp running end of the year… perhaps this is wat killing me at the moment la..When we committee which of cos i am the leader of the semi mafia look nuclear team went to see the Director of something something.. to my surprise out God father.. Dr Khong ask me to present to him the layout of the plan… Gabra la dunno wt to do ma.. then talk la talk talk talk till i also dunno wat i talk… then He looked at me with his black face white teeth and white eye.. i was stunned as i expect some slamming fm the director.. haizz the seem ok with the plan but he wants to see something thts mre tangible… the PROPOSAL. the this is wat we are doin laand the constitution as well… Tomoro have to submit to him with the proposal if possible..hopefull can be done tomorrow la as I WANNA STUDY>> ASSS…


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