surprise me…

Wat a surprise….. today saw an undesirerable view while i was in Pasar Malam.. before anythin.. i wud wanna give some example so reader will have some idea wat da hell i am toking la…

back in 1984 or perhaps earlier….. a man and a woman met..

the woman is the Lydia Sum lookalike perhaps i think Lydia Sum is better looking than her… at least there are no smell of garlic and oil tat turn down the husband’s sexual desire completely la.

Both got married and then of cos when they have intercourse and the sperm penetrated sucessfully in the egg of hers… apart fm miracle an disasterous human being which will make the world end in year 2006 in in the making.. the creature was saw loitering in the Laguna this evening la..

that creature happen to turn out to be the hottest chick in the northern region of Malangsia… the pitiful country which has her foot touch down on it and her shit flow thru the sewage .. making the whole entire civalization stinks….ans she is….

this is the image capture by the spycam planted in one of the phone of the Malangsia citizen…So in case u see this creature loitering around there are a few option..

  • call the police.. 04 4222222
  • call bomba
  • call ambulance for urself incase u fainted
  • call pertahanan awam 991
  • scream out ur ppl will notice u and come and help.. of cos u cant expect all to come and help as when they see it they may also wann run for their life…

As for me.. Personal opinion…

  • Act calm as nothin happen
  • Turn around and walk a few steps forward..
  • Pecut like Watson Nyambek… gila ka.. wanna stay longer. better spare urself a life before the body odour chocked u to death.. play smart play safe..


One Response to “surprise me…”

  1. yenchiew Says:

    haha.. ‘interesting’ story on how the parents met and formed this ‘monster’ that u mentioned.. u still have appetite to eat meh after seeing this..?? =P

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