Engineer or ….

April 27, 2009

My current profession as an engineer gave me lots or jobs satisfaction but not in terms of financially. I had been approached by 2 of my friends to venture into insurance business. What do you think.. Opinions please..



April 20, 2009

People says life begin @ 20s or sometimes people do says that life starts @ 30s. After being in the reality without fantasy for close to 1 year now. I think my life had just begin@ 25. This is because life begins when you found yourself. I guess i had found mine and my other half as well.

Life may not start beautiful. Not as wished. We will face many ups and downs along the way. Not till i step into the corporate world makes me realize the meaning of struggle. Not till i start charing meeting makes me realize how is that to control the crowd and makes them listen to what they may think is not important to their career development. Not till i spoke hard and be thick face to convince management that my ideas works and please do not reject what i proposed. All these took courage and determination. In less that a year i guess i had achieved alot. More than i could think i could at first.

Monday, i would have to conclude findings that will then be propagated throughout the manufacturing lines. It is million dollar decision but of course data speaks for us. It is also ( if successful ) may give me a breakthrough in my career. In such a short time, i would call it a great ones.

life during varsity still be the best of all. it was very stagnant now but i am pursuing my studies to a higher level along with Six Sigma Black Belt training going in parallel  starting next month.  I know i just can do it.. Support me please.

Tiring day

October 19, 2007

8.30am today morning, i have to rush to Amanjaya Lab and get the apparatus ready for standard sampling in Semeling MDL 2 at 9.00am. Soon after i reach there, there are some complication whereby the sample’s parameters are in doubt. The T3 are in a solid of solution form? I seriously have no idea.

In the event i have to prepare sample consisting of 100 ppm for all 3 alpha,gamma and delta T3. What we can do is to prepare the solution in bulk and do dilution in the end. This seems to be the best solution that we have at this point of time. So the sample was ready for shipping at 10.30am sharp where my Materials Analysis Technique Laboratory are scheduled and my classmates are rushing the lecturer already.

11.00am i finally reach the Amanjaya Campus after 20 minutes of biking through a 13 km journey. Well minyak moto also not cheap if travel all the time like this. Once we are here, we have to condition the instrument’s column and the funny part is, as a research student, it is a mess and a silly part for me not to have the information regarding the process at my fingertips. Poor me.. Perhaps i am too tense up already as the same time i am nt feeling to well also.

In the end the experiment cannot be materialized as the fluorescence detector is not up to what it suppose to be. So wasted the time the whole morning and we soon went for lunch.




HPLC Column

My class Psycho.

October 18, 2007

Well when you tell the truth, eventually you will be at the right track. When 2 parties are fighting among each other, what is there to get attention from anyone to gain support. Is it gaining support means that you won the war. This is not about getting the number, politics is all about influences, which again i don’t have. So there is nothing for you that you want to compete with me.

What your bf don like in this house doesn’t mean that i have to comply with you. A day or two i may.. it won last long for things that i don think has the basis of. What we had accustomed in this house shall be the same as there are no issues until you bring it up and this has brought many and multiple inconvenience for us all. If your bf want things to be organized then you should consider cleaning the whole house as the house look pretty messed up and dirty in the same time.

And when i be myself, it is human rights. Don provoke cultural issue where you can not only pissed me but also the rest. I just notice that you are the one who does not like what i am currently. Other does not complain not because they don’t dare to but they have no purpose to. If the come and confront me, it is like talking to the wind and building sand castle in the sky. You stated that ” The rest of the classmates doesn’t like what you are now but they don’t dare to tell it to you, ONLY I DARE TO” WTF…. well as if i have not been criticized by the rest of them la.. Just how you take it. There is nothing big unless you are being a kid that hides in your parents’..opppss in this case your boyfriend’s armpits..

Slapping a female is a sin. thinking of what have you done to me, the tight slap that has been rewarded and given to you is not just worth, but it is the way to deal with species like you. why i am saying so,

1st, You like to talk ghost story infront of the angel and sang angelic tunes in front of devils. Lidah bercabang 2.

after so much of damage caused by urself to urself as well as the the rest of the people, the slap is actually nothing OK. You deserved that….

Why you need to become Batu Api and cause a stir. Example, you mistake is to stab me infront of my Gf ( nw Ex ) and my mistake not to believe her. Well it is still not too late as you are being yourself now. Keep up the good work.

I just ask a simple question in a class and you have to make it a big issue. Well i don think i will stop as your tears is dirtier than those in the sewage. You tears infront of our classmates and try to win their support to hate me. Well rational one will not initiate to do that to me. Stupid one does. Well i don think there are any stupid one there.. Some have the heart purer that mountain water.

****To be COntinue*d***

4 days break

October 15, 2007

Can be described in one word SIEN..

Sitting at home, cannot lepak also as in the same time have tons of assignment to finish. This semester is kinda tough. No joke man. Just sitting in the class alone make me wonder  why am i getting myself into. So much of shit can be seen flying around.

Last week itself i accidentally make a gal cried in my class. I can say that i am not feeling guilty as i think that gal is a psycho by the way. Getting along with her also can make you get crazy in the same time. Well come on la, if syok sendiri then find others to blame la.. The miriacle there is, i not only does nothing but also i had not been in contact verbally, mentally or even physically with her for a long long time.. Don misunderstand, physical contact mean brutally ok.. not that kinda thing…

When i start to think back about the incident, i feel so stupid that i am being dragged in to the center of attention. Well i wanna keep a low profile, of course there are more than 10 fingers count who know me in a good or bad term out there. I think i had gained enough popularity and that’s enough. You and your bf also the same one la.. both had the same syndrome which  only both of you know. Else how to get together and live under the same roof la.. Correct or not la..

magnetic materials assignment will be settled today. Well i cant drag any longer. time and tide waits for no man.. but time of a man can be wasted on a woman’s hand they come and mess with us.. sounds damn stupid but its damn true..

To those fortunate.

October 13, 2007

Hitting by a lorry 5 tons in weight definitely cause damage to the whole car. And yet here, there are only some minor damage as fortunately it hits the hard part of the car which is the car wheel base.

Some one who had just misunderstood that i am stabbing behind her back is also involved in the accident. Well i dunno if it is good for her but redefined her character to me, which means i knw who the hell and how and what kinda people is she. Well thanks to the situation also. Now i will have a list which is she on the top of the list that things and person that you can actually DON GIVE A DAMN TO. Have to congratulate her as it’s kinda hard for me to enlist someone on it even to my ex-gf who broke my heart and yet she is still nt listed as one.

TOTAL BITCH gets her place in the list..

The other 3 escaped with some minor injuries and i would conclude saying that they are all fine. Just be more careful in the future. The accident gave me some inspiration to present on something similar to it soon. Below are some of the photo taken from a camera phone of a gal named YING..




U read and U comment..

October 11, 2007

Management class is the time where i give my fullest and the deepest thought as it related to the environment and not the text alone. Well pinging the piece of my mind is not wrong i guess.

Being knows as the crapper in the class and make the class to laugh in the end makes some to feel jealous and threatened. Well i think i am just being myself and there is nothing that you can change or do to make things to gets better as i don wanna be a pathetic person like what i used to be when i just broke up in february. my life is filled with colour and i respect others to respect me as i respect them as well.

what is the point throwing tantrums and making noise and try to influence others as i think those who knew me knows me well that i am like this since the first semester. i am kinda upset when i hear that you actually cried as this matters haunts you or whatsoever. I am practically ok and happy with the new semester and i do not hope that things gets ruined just because you are not happy with me.  i am leading my life and i don think i cross the border also messing up with you.

what is the point messing up with what i have now. I don have any extra that you not have. just that perhaps i may have the ability to make the class to be more lively and lecturer to “know me” as i am the one always giving him headache and sensitive question for him to answer. apart from that, i am cool.. i just did my part.

and you had an accident today. just out of concern i went to see you and what your bf said is very uncultured and uncivilized. well, you may not know when you need each other and from now on i know that caring and being concern is a loss to me. so there is no need in the future, i mean in the far future to even care for you. being 6 feet under perhaps u will not see my presence also. and there are the people which doesn’t know the real world and fails to appreciate the counter part.

well to be frank la… you make me lose face and talk bad about me in front of our classmates and you even have a meeting with them, to say that i am actually in a wrong position and ask them all to hate me. what is all these? even in the uni junction after you met with an accident i still bother to ask how you are and if i hated you for god sake i will treat you invisible.  You are so immature ok. very very much infact. i am not asking you to be grateful but if this is another person, they won bother to come and see you sick and injured face in the ward bed. I just did my part, and thou your rich bf throw such word to me, i am pretty fine with it as for me it is just another part of life that we have to face. Nothing for me to keep in my heart. there are so much of beautiful things that i still need to keep space to store it.

well you have to get adjusted to the environment and not otherwise. i am still the me.. you wanna whack and talk bad it’s up to you.. KARMA is the word for all …

I have to say

October 1, 2007

My house gate and there was/were / a total moron.. Well pls be a lil considerate. When it is raining ppl don go to the gate and open the gate.. Ppl get wet STUPID.


Don be a moron.

Gals Are scary

September 29, 2007

After comparing the results with the rest of the classmates as well as fac mates. Many of them that i knew that study like hell got a very good result.. One of them is the one that broke my heart and she is being self orientated.

SHe only think to be happy and this make her concentrate more on her studies. Perhaps this semester i should think on myself only la.. As to her and others, my feeling is not important at all. So why shall i care for others feeling when they don even pay a single attention on mine.

So the key to good results is.. I must be emotionally stable this semester and forget about the breakup which almost breaks me up. 4As is not sufficient to cover the damage done by 2 great Cs.

This sem is tough and i shall be able to cope.. Nothing is harder than an envy heart seeing others securing good result while you are aside weeping for Cs. I am becoming a very boring guy. Thing shall change from today.

One fine Morning

September 29, 2007

At this one fine morning, just before i wake up I was buzzed by a sms who comes in without me asking which sounded this way…

Pls stop being childish as for leaving the gate open. Its out neighbor who tells me during the hols where you guys were home that a suspicious guy peep inside the house blah blah blah..

Hey stupid, why don you tells us in advance. If don tell how people know. Thought you are in deans list, so what.. You communication skills is worst than a toddler. They cry when they want something. We dunno what you want as you are in your little world there.

And also stop harassing me via sms.. I deserve more than that as i am a malaysia citizen as well.. Anything that i am not happy about you i am keeping myself quiet. Why cant you? I have nothing worth to be confiscated from you as you took away the most precious thing in my life. YOU KNOW WHAT. don waste your money smsing shit to me.. My mobile only received honey sweet messages + sugar based products.. Apart from that, its in my blacklist and i will delete without even reading… As i know nothing good came after all.. So get lost …